NayNay McBooger Face and his Mawmaw

NayNay McBooger Face and his Mawmaw
that stupid camera! I don't know WHY it adds like 100 MY FACE?!?!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh boy --- if ONLY I had more time in a day.

I lovee scrapbooking - and there are so many great blogs about it.
But, unfortunately, I make the bed - and it doesn't stay made.
I do the dishes and voila' two minutes later, there is another dirty one.

And, I've pretty much realized, my dream of retiring at 50...
was just that -- a dream.

You can find me most often, on Youtube.
With Youtube - I can watch videos while I'm
talking on the phone, doing dishes, running the vacuum ...
throwing laundry in - and on that rare occasion when
I do get to do layouts - YT is definitely running in the background.

I want you all to check this blog.
Its by Jes...a Youtube pal.
And if her new blog is anything like her...
and her videos - its gonna be a great blog.

Crafty Scrappy Mama's Blog

She is having a give away (Today is 2/17/2013)
in case your reading this on 2/17/2054...chances are
the winners have already been selected and your too late.
But if its around 2/17/2013 - head over there and check things out.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Okay so the secret is out... :(

I am not much of a blogger ...
Why is that?
I love to read...
I love to write and
I sure the heck - love to talk...

BUT, I just can't get into the swing of things...with my blog
OR following...and I mean truly following other blogs. 

BUT if you realllllllly start to miss me - or want
to get to know me better --- you can find me on YouTube.

I stay much more active on YT...
Again - I don't know why...I just do.

What I do know - for sure ...
is that I am so so so SO glad, I have found this hidden
planet of scrappers on the blogs and YouTube.

Before my son gifted me with my Sony BluRay player last Christmas...
I had absolutely no clue that this world of scrappy sisters (well actually more like
daughters and granddaughters - because I am one of the few old foogies on YT)
most gals that do scrapbook videos
on YT are in their mid 20's to mid 40's, it seems -
but, whether they are daughters, sisters or brothers...
as long as they scrapbook, I don't care if they are
15 OR 150 years old!
There is that common bond of loving to scrapbook photos.

Anyway, what I was saying
(by now your probably thinking, OKay...I see why she doesn't care for the bloggin
think - the ol bat a lack has to write something comparable to
"Mission Earth" by Ron L Hubbard (One of the LONGEST novels ever written in english!) LOL

Back to the orginal story...
before my bluray player (which allows me to be able to actually view YT videos on my TV)
I neverrrrrrrrrrr realized there was this crafting community of real live people out there!!

I used to wait on pins and needles for the latest episode of
Scrapbook Memories -
or I would watch DIY Scrapbooking with Sandi Genovese
over, and over and overrrrrr again!
Just to watch scrapbooking!

Not even ONE of my friends or family members scrapbook
(can you imagine?)
I'm not one for crops - plus, even if I was into the whole
going into a place not knowing a soul type of adventure -
the closest crop to my home is at least 45 minutes away :(
And thats in good traffic!

I live in a world of testosterone (3 sons, 1 hubby and now, 3 grandsons) ..
trust me - they have no interest in the fact that I got this gorgeous 2 inch wide
lace for only 99cents a yard. NONE.

Now, there have been a few instances, where I caught them slowing down as
they ran past me doing a layout at the family room coffee table - heck once or twice...
they even asked "Whats that?" as they pointed to one of my cricut expression cuts!
But, I knew to keep it short - they didn't really want me to say
"Oh that? well thats a whale that I cut using my Life Is a Beach cartridge that I was
very lucky to find on Ebay for only $15! Yes and I cut it on my Gypsy using the
flip mode, and I resized..."
yeah - by the time I got to the word whale - they were gone.
Sometimes physically, sometimes just emotionally :(

With this new world I found on YT - I have met people who actually...
ask me -
where did you get that lace, diecut, marker, good buy?

We talk about layouts and where is the best place to get digital pictures developed and
what Copic is best for jeans!

For me - YT gave me something to look forward to.
(gosh that sounds so sad!) LOL
But, its true!
Since discovering YT's crafting community, I am probably doing twice as many
layouts as I did last year - I am also spending about ten times the amount of money
I used to this time last year! And, I don't regret a second of it ;)

I love my scrappy friends - I don't care if I am old enough to be their grandma or
if they are old enough to be mine - there are no numbers in crafting ---

I hope you'll come by to visit me on YT.
Even better...
I hope YOU will decide to share your scrapbook layouts on YT!
If you do, I will be glad to help you in any way that I can.
And believe me - if I can do can do You Tube.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the 4 hours out of your life
to read this blog - I am sure, I'll be back.
God willing ;)


Friday, September 9, 2011

HELP ... I am being held here against my will! (written on my front window in red lipstick)

Oh my gosh - its been so long since I have posted to my blog, I feel like "it" (the blog itself) hates me! I am such a summer person - in fact, my most recent scrapbook layout says "Around here, we live for summer" and its the truth. I swear, its like that movie, The Shining, our home comes alive when the temperature hits 80 and above....I work harder, play harder in the summer.

So - to me...its already winter even though its only 64 degrees here :(

I want to thank all my subscribers and the folks that send me little notes or leave comments. I do read all of them and now, I will always try to respond to you. I think that is so important...I feel like when I don't reply to someone, its like me talking to someone...they are sitting right there and don't answer you. I know its different on a blog ... it is difficult to reply to everyone that posts a comment on a blog or on a You Tube channel page...but please know, I really do try to respond and I read everything..sooner or later.

My title ... "being held against my will" is because I am thinking - "Why don't we live in a location that never goes under 70 degrees? Unless all the kids would pack up and move and the grandkids would follow...I guess we stay here ...we got too attached to them - the kids & grandkids that is - they are like a dog or bird...they grow on you ;)

Talk to you all soon and I truly hope each of you
had the best summer EVERRRRRRrrrrrRRR
(said in the Phineas & Ferb manner ...)
(its a cartoon for those who don't watch ... I have a 5 year old grandson that loveesss Phineas and Ferb ...and its one of the few cartoons I don't mind watching! LOL)

xoxo again -
talk to you soon -
be sure to catch me over on You Tube - I seem to be a better
You Tuber than blogger -